Why getting your message across fast is the key to attracting users

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Do you know what makes a successful web site? More than anything else, it’s clear communication. You have only seconds to grab the attention of users. As one noted web expert says in a recent report:

Users allocate minimal time to initial website visits, so you must quickly convince them that the site’s worthwhile. — Jakob Nielsen.

To engage users fast, you need:

  • Copy written specially for the web. Users hastily scan on-line text so copy must be punchy and to the point. Be factual and avoid hype: users are turned off by it.
  • Clean uncluttered looks and simple navigation. Users won’t stay long if they can’t find what they want: make it easy for them and they’ll reward you.

With a site that communicates, you’ll:

  • Raise your response rate
  • Achieve better website rankings
  • Retain more customers

We can help you reap the benefits of communication through your website. Contact us to learn more.

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