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“What is a blog?”, a friend asked me the other day, reminding me that not everyone in the world is busy recording their everyday lives online. This man has a Skype phone and is generally comfortable with the net, so I was slightly surprised by his question.

Blogging has been around for more than a decade, as a mass phenomenon for around seven years or so. It seems inescapable, now that it’s not merely the geeks and tormented teens who are engaged in it but corporations such as HP and Macromedia. A blog is the new must-have for the company website.

Of course there’s no value in doing something just because everyone else does it. I intend this journal to be both informative and entertaining. It’ll cover aspects of website design and development that I think are worthy of discussion, in an open-minded but not wishy-washy way. I’ve been writing online for years, both on my oddbooks site and as a blogger at Livejournal, and I hope I’ve learned a little about the art.

Hopefully, it’ll also serve to demonstrate what a useful tool such a blog can be in making your website more personal and responsive. The old type of corporate site which is little more than an online set of marketing brochures is dead, and about time too.

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