What is Drupal?


druplicon.small_If you’ve heard the buzz around Drupal, but are not sure what it is, here’s a quick explanation for you with some useful links.

Drupal is: a site building tool

If you have some content you want to put online, Drupal provides the tools you need to do it. You can create a blog, add explanatory pages, add a contact form, upload pictures and videos. Drupal has a built-in menu system which makes it easy to build site navigation.

If you use an off-the-shelf design (or “theme” in Drupal terminology), it’s possible to have a site up and running in just a few hours. It uses the popular PHP language and MySQL database system that are available as standard with many web hosting products.

If you have an original design you need to turn into a website, there’s thousands of experienced Drupal developers who can help.

Drupal home page.

Download the current release of Drupal.

Download ready-made themes,

Demo site for many ready-made themes.

Need a Drupal developer? Ask us.

emblem_okDrupal is: Open Source and free

Drupal is free to use in any way you like, and what’s more there’s an abundance of equally free extensions available for it that make it even more flexible. The Drupal name for these extensions is “modules”, and there are literally thousands of them available, easy to download and easy to install.

Download contributed modules.

Reviews and ratings for modules.

applications_developmentDrupal is: a web application platform

If you want to go beyond simply publishing content, then Drupal can be used as a platform on which to create web applications for all kinds of purposes. Suppose you want to show visitors pages that are built depending on their history and geographical location? Drupal can do that. Suppose you want integration across Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare? Drupal can do that. Need to define complex data types and maintain them? Drupal can do that.

If you have a new idea and cannot use existing modules to create your web application, there’s thousands of experienced Drupal developers who can help.

Need a Drupal developer? Ask us

blockdeviceDrupal is: a content management platform

If you want to build a site where content is created by a team of people with a managed editorial process, Drupal can do that.  Some of your content might need a light touch – personal blog pages for members, for example – and some might need to be signed off by both editorial and marketing departments. Drupal can do that. Need to automate or schedule publishing tasks? Drupal can do that.

The workbench suite of modules.

Actions and workflows.

web_browserDrupal is: a community

With such a huge user base for Drupal, there’s a lot of free help and support available, at all levels of expertise. Many people are very generous with their time and willing to help out the less experienced. You’ll find them on the forums at Drupal.org and, for more technical issues, at Stack Exchange.

Drupal community page and my profile there.

Drupal forums

Drupal at Stack Exchange and my profile there.

heart… and we love it

Drupal is the ideal platform for many kinds of web project, including traditional web sites both personal and corporate, content publishing, social networks and new applications. We at Figure W have been working with Drupal since 2006 and we love its features and flexibility. We are proud to be part of the community that helps to keep Drupal great.

Contact us now to discuss your Drupal needs: ring 077833 86951 or use our contact form.

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