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Experience of WordPress as a CMS

I’ve known for a while that you can use WordPress as a small-scale content management system, but I’ve not had the chance to put it into practice until last week, when I worked on a site for which it was an ideal fit: a client already using WordPress for blogging, a relatively small number of… Read more »

Tailor Made South Africa Travel

Helen Palmer of Tailor Made South Africa Travel wanted to get control over her website, which was based on an unsatisfactory custom-made PHP application. She already had a WordPress blog so I suggested using WordPress for the entire site. This would mean she could update her pages whenever she liked, which would be a major… Read more »

Why WordPress sucks (a bit)

Alan Graham has been having trouble with WordPress: WordPress rant, additional web rants, and an exclusive! Along with a few friends, I run a local networking organization. We have a blog, and it fell unto me to give that blog a facelift. So after doing some Photoshop/Illustrator work to make a new “theme” for the… Read more »