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Side Content plugin updated

A few days ago a client of ours pointed out that our Side Content WordPress plugin was incompatible with recent releases of WordPress. The bug in question has been fixed and the new version 1.0 should work with all versions of WordPress from 2.7 to 4.1.

Making an Intranet File Browser for Drupal or WordPress

I’ve recently worked on two projects that both asked for some code that would allow users to attach an intranet file (typically something like a Word document) to a post. There’s a few things that anyone trying to do the same will need to understand.

Creating a multilingual website using WordPress and WPML

How do you create a WordPress site in several different languages? We’ve been working on a new site recently which the client wants to appear in both English and French versions, so I needed to find a suitable plugin or plugins to make this possible.

Use Split Testing to Improve a WordPress Theme

What’s the best colour for your headlines? If you make your contact form bigger will more people use it? Should a call to action be left- or right-aligned? If you are trying to make decisions like these about the design of your site, it can be hard to come to definite conclusions. Two designs may… Read more »

Custom tag pages for WordPress

What’s a “custom tag page”? Generally when you click on a tag link in a cloud such as that in the sidebar of this site or at the bottom of an article, you’ll be taken to a page that lists all the articles having that tag. From an SEO perspective this is less than ideal,… Read more »

A portfolio gallery using WordPress and JQuery

We wanted our portfolio to be slick and individual so when we commissioned our new site design I asked the designer to create something specifically for it. She came up with something that looked great – all I had to do was to make it work. My tool of choice was JQuery, a powerful Javascript… Read more »

10 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Business

WordPress is well known as a blogging platform – but it’s much more than that. It’s great as a basis for many types of business website, and here’s why:

WordPress Site – Cake Business Matching

Cake Business Matching is an established business matching consultancy with expertise in partnering with a range of marketing disciplines including PR, web design, online marketing, advertising, design and market research. We created a WordPress theme from original artwork, installed several plugins, and customised the site to meet their needs. We also provided ongoing support and… Read more »

Page titles for SEO in Drupal and WordPress

This article was originally published exclusively for subscribers to our free weekly newsletter. Contents What are page titles and why are they important? Page titles in WordPress Page titles in Drupal