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Tweetake Twitter backup

Tweetake is a Twitter backup application that we developed in partnership with Nikki Pilkington. It allows users to make an offline copy of their recent Twitter data. It’s easy to use and completely free. The software was developed as a custom WordPress plugin which provides the added benefit that the rest of the site is… Read more »

Release 0.7 of the Side Content plugin

Release 0.7 of the WordPress Side Content plugin from Figure W is all about shortcodes. Plugins often provide shortcodes as a safe and simple means for you to insert dynamic content into your posts.

Give your page wings: the WordPress Side Content Plugin

I wrote this plugin to provide similar functionality to the Drupal Side Content module. It makes it easy to have unique sidebar content on any page. Yes, it gives your page wings – or its own widgets, anyway. If you see any PHP errors on activating the plugin then the most likely cause is that… Read more »


centrespread is a great site for the discussion of magazines. Site owner Adam Foster asked me to help him by creating a form so visitors can suggest new magazines to be featured. I made a WordPress plugin for him that submits user input to the database. It’s built on top of the widely-used cforms ii… Read more »