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Backing up Tweets – now even easier and safer

We’ve updated the Twitter backup service, created in partnership with Nikki Pilkington, to use Twitter’s safe sign-in protocol.  Tweetake users no longer have to enter their usernames and passwords, and as a consequence the service is both easier to use and more secure.

Drupal site – Advanced Kitchen Design

Marion John of Advanced Kitchen Design provides kitchen design and associated services. She wanted a site which would reflect her depth of knowledge and experience, with lots of different areas packed with information and advice. We advised her that Drupal would be the best solution for her needs. Our design partner came up with a… Read more »

Tweetake: Back up your Tweets – if you aren’t running Tweetdeck, that is

[Update: since Tweetake was “whitelisted” (granted higher request limits) by Twitter, this problem should no longer occur. You should be able to run Tweetake and Tweetdeck together now.] Tweetake is a new application I’ve been working on with Nikki Pilkington. It lets you back up data from Twitter: tweets, followers, favourites and friends. We think… Read more »