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Use Split Testing to Improve a WordPress Theme

What’s the best colour for your headlines? If you make your contact form bigger will more people use it? Should a call to action be left- or right-aligned? If you are trying to make decisions like these about the design of your site, it can be hard to come to definite conclusions. Two designs may… Read more »

Split testing Drupal

What is split testing? The short answer is that it is a comparison test of different versions of some content (on the web, typically a page). The different versions are compared by first showing them at random to users, then measuring success by some means, for example seeing how many lead to a purchase. There… Read more »

Will bigger and better measurement make a friendlier web?

New services for measuring the performance of websites seem to appear every week. One reason is the much better support for Javascript in modern browsers, which makes it possible to measure user activity non-intrusively yet comprehensively, simply by adding a little script code to each page. What about measuring usability, though? Is usability as a… Read more »

Split testing – it’s the latest craze amongst the kids

Google Website Optimizer – a Win-Win By: Andrew Goodman | Source: Like a few others, I’ve been beta testing Google Website Optimizer. It’s great. Here’s why it’s a win for Google. They’ll make more revenue because marketers who test will get impatient and need more data. They’ll enable their paid search accounts fully, possibly… Read more »