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Drupal 6.0, looking good

Drupal 6.0 was released a few days ago and I am very much looking forward to working with it. There are some great usability enhancements that’ll make using the CMS backend a lot easier, and there are many improvements to the API that promise to make module and theme development more productive. However, until the… Read more »

Some favourite software tools

When you have nothing to say, make a list, as Wittgenstein might have said – had he been a blogger. This particular list is of some of my favourite tools for website development under Windows (XP Pro): some well known, others less so.

Drupal and Facebook are now friends

I’m working on a new Facebook application for a client and being a lazy programmer I wanted to do as little work as possible while producing a good result. I’d started building the app with the Zend Framework but while it is many ways an excellent library it is as yet only a starting point…. Read more »