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Google: the danger was already there, you just didn’t see it

Here’s an interesting article on Google’s recent experiments with indexing the “invisible web”: Google: A Clear & Present Danger to Corporate Data Privacy My take: yes it may cost companies some money to correct exposure of their supposedly private data – but if Google can index it by the approach they are taking, it was… Read more »

Google Webmaster Tools: Tips for Site Optimisation

Google Webmaster Tools is the primary source of information about how Google is indexing your site. It’s also very useful for finding problems with your site that might otherwise go unnoticed. Here’s a list of tips covering how to use Webmaster Tools to keep your optimisation efforts on track. I hope they’ll be useful.

Search engine optimisation for WordPress

I’ve just given this entire site a makeover. I got fed up with the hybrid site management I’d knocked together when I first set it up and I decided that migrating it fully to WordPress would be the best approach. At the same time I thought this would be a great opportunity to do some… Read more »

Digg search not very deep

I had occasion recently to search on Digg, and was surprised to see that one of the words on the search string that was matched was the definite article, “the”. Try it. Even for the word “the” on its own, you’ll get matches. It even matches with other useful words like “these”. This is surprisingly… Read more »

Search engine optimization: free keyword suggestion tool

Wordtracker launches free keyword suggestion tool Wordtracker has launched a free keyword suggestion tool. The tool gives webmasters up to 100 keywords in each session. [via Search Engine Watch Blog] This is very handy for anyone wanting practicing search engine optimization without being paid to do so, given that most of the alternative tools require… Read more »

Google’s One Box Search

Google’s One Box Patent Explained Danny Sullivan detailed the One Box for specific vertical results by Google maybe three years ago. Bill Slawski does a great job of outlining Google’s recent patent application on the One Box. This technology should be kept in the back of your mind as changes seem to be moving in… Read more »

Using your own domain with Blogger

Garett Rogers writes: Use your own domain with new Blogger feature A brand new feature in the “New Blogger” lets you associate your own domain with an account without worrying about FTP settings or being stuck with a “” address.  My first blog about Google was Google Addiction hosted on Blogger — but it would… Read more »