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Making an Intranet File Browser for Drupal or WordPress

I’ve recently worked on two projects that both asked for some code that would allow users to attach an intranet file (typically something like a Word document) to a post. There’s a few things that anyone trying to do the same will need to understand.

What is Web Development?

When I meet people for the first time, they often ask what I do. When I say I’m a web developer, they nod knowingly, but actually I’m sure that many of them have no idea what I’m on about, except that they really, really, don’t want me to explain it to them then and there…. Read more »

A portfolio gallery using WordPress and JQuery

We wanted our portfolio to be slick and individual so when we commissioned our new site design I asked the designer to create something specifically for it. She came up with something that looked great – all I had to do was to make it work. My tool of choice was JQuery, a powerful Javascript… Read more »