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Sustain-a-What?!?! Facebook Application

The Sustain-a-what?!?! application is a quiz intended to amuse while making the user think about the issues surrounding the hot topic of sustainability. The quiz runs on the Drupal platform so the client can maintain its content for themselves. I wrote a custom module to manage the quiz questions and answers, as well as storing… Read more »

The Daily Goss Facebook Application

The Daily Goss is an online celebrity gossip magazine. They asked me to create a Facebook application that would display the latest headlines from their RSS feed. The application consists of a canvas page and profile entry that are essentially identical. The headlines are got from the RSS feed, while the thumbnail images are fetched… Read more »

Drupal and Facebook are now friends

I’m working on a new Facebook application for a client and being a lazy programmer I wanted to do as little work as possible while producing a good result. I’d started building the app with the Zend Framework but while it is many ways an excellent library it is as yet only a starting point…. Read more »

Facebook: The Schema

This simple Facebook application was written for musician and journalist Rhodri Marsden to publicise his DIY music project “The Schema“. It plays a tune! To be more specific, it plays The Schema’s single: Those Rules You Made, available to purchase from all good online outlets from August 20th 2007. “When I needed to create a… Read more »

Facebook: Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends is a Facebook application I wrote to explore the possibilities of the API and to act as an advertisement and demonstration of my services. It’s quite silly, frankly: it allows you to make friends with, and chat to, some software pretending to be a person under one of a large number of different… Read more »

Facebook and the Imaginary Friends

Everybody’s talking about Facebook, it seems. One of the most interesting aspects of it for me as a developer is the existence of its API, which makes it possible to create new networking applications, or to integrate existing applications with the Facebook platform.