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Facebook Application – Progress thru Processors

Progress thru Processors is a Facebook application developed for Grid Republic, a non-profit organisation which helps people to donate spare computing capacity to a range of good causes. We built the application and advised on aspects of its design. Alfred made dizzyingly complicated work seem easy. Developing the Facebook application “Progress thru Processors” was a… Read more »

Drupal and Facebook are now friends

I’m working on a new Facebook application for a client and being a lazy programmer I wanted to do as little work as possible while producing a good result. I’d started building the app with the Zend Framework but while it is many ways an excellent library it is as yet only a starting point…. Read more »

Facebook and the Imaginary Friends

Everybody’s talking about Facebook, it seems. One of the most interesting aspects of it for me as a developer is the existence of its API, which makes it possible to create new networking applications, or to integrate existing applications with the Facebook platform.