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Websnapr Field: a web thumbnail module for Drupal

Websnapr Field is a little module I’ve written which uses the Websnapr service to generate web page thumbnails in a page. If you have a field which is a URL pointing to an external site, you can choose to display it as a snapshot of the page pointed to.

Page titles for SEO in Drupal and WordPress

This article was originally published exclusively for subscribers to our free weekly newsletter. Contents What are page titles and why are they important? Page titles in WordPress Page titles in Drupal

Website Security for WordPress and Drupal

This article was originally published exclusively for subscribers to our free weekly newsletter. Contents Introduction Security for WordPress Security for Drupal

News: tips for Drupal site owners and administrators

If you are have a Drupal site but are not especially technically-minded, it can be hard to find straightforward, concise advice about making the best use of your site. For that reason I’m starting a new email newsletter that will contain simple tips about Drupal aimed at site owners. Each week there’ll be new ideas… Read more »

Ceros digital magazine publishing

Ceros is an innovative online magazine publishing platform. When they asked for my help, the site was already in existence but needed several enhancements to improve its manageability, including the creation of new content types, associated views and theming. XML versions of content were required as data sources for various Flash animations. One particular challenge… Read more »

Creating a Drupal node image gallery

A common requirement is to have a Flash-based image gallery associated with a particular content type, so users can upload images using a CCK image field and have them displayed as a gallery, with each node of the type having its own separate one. Here’s an example of the sort of thing, one I created… Read more »

Updating your own site: an introduction to content management systems

“I want to update my website myself” is a commonly-heard plea from site owners who’ve realised that the job of keeping the content of their websites up to date is too important a job to be left to web designers. In this article I’m going to explain why you should consider managing your content yourself… Read more »

Drupal localization and the t() function

Drupal is a lot easier to localize than it used to be, but it’s still hard work; partly because localization is intrinsically difficult, and partly because of flaws in the design of Drupal’s internationalization approach.

Split testing Drupal

What is split testing? The short answer is that it is a comparison test of different versions of some content (on the web, typically a page). The different versions are compared by first showing them at random to users, then measuring success by some means, for example seeing how many lead to a purchase. There… Read more »