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Custom Drupal Holiday Bookings Module

Nik Barrie of Exanza asked us to create a cottage holiday bookings and price display module to be used on the Woolhanger Estate website. The module allows the site owner to define bookings slots for all or part of a week, then price them on an individual basis by accommodation and date. It also permits… Read more »

Drupal site – mediaBase

mediaBase is a media directory site aimed at advertisers, the successor to Adam Foster of tmi-net asked me to help implement his design and migrate the content from the old site to a new Drupal build. The job involved custom theming, a specialised content migration module, the creation of the Websnapr Field module,  and… Read more »

Drupal site – Advanced Kitchen Design

Marion John of Advanced Kitchen Design provides kitchen design and associated services. She wanted a site which would reflect her depth of knowledge and experience, with lots of different areas packed with information and advice. We advised her that Drupal would be the best solution for her needs. Our design partner came up with a… Read more »

Ceros digital magazine publishing

Ceros is an innovative online magazine publishing platform. When they asked for my help, the site was already in existence but needed several enhancements to improve its manageability, including the creation of new content types, associated views and theming. XML versions of content were required as data sources for various Flash animations. One particular challenge… Read more »

Creating a Drupal node image gallery

A common requirement is to have a Flash-based image gallery associated with a particular content type, so users can upload images using a CCK image field and have them displayed as a gallery, with each node of the type having its own separate one. Here’s an example of the sort of thing, one I created… Read more »

Drupal localization and the t() function

Drupal is a lot easier to localize than it used to be, but it’s still hard work; partly because localization is intrinsically difficult, and partly because of flaws in the design of Drupal’s internationalization approach.

Split testing Drupal

What is split testing? The short answer is that it is a comparison test of different versions of some content (on the web, typically a page). The different versions are compared by first showing them at random to users, then measuring success by some means, for example seeing how many lead to a purchase. There… Read more »

Entertainment Film Distributors

A Drupal development project involving lots of media integration: flash, images and movies. My role involved building the custom theme from artwork and HTML supplied by other team members; writing a couple of modules to integrate media files and another to provide a simple competition facility. I also heavily customised the advanced search facility to… Read more »

Sustain-a-What?!?! Facebook Application

The Sustain-a-what?!?! application is a quiz intended to amuse while making the user think about the issues surrounding the hot topic of sustainability. The quiz runs on the Drupal platform so the client can maintain its content for themselves. I wrote a custom module to manage the quiz questions and answers, as well as storing… Read more »

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

The brief for the web site of this popular North Devon tourist attraction was to create an attractive modern site with a clear organisational structure which would be maintainable by L&B staff. Given the large amount of content with varying needs for its presentation and management Drupal was the obvious choice. I created a custom… Read more »