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Custom Drupal Holiday Bookings Module

Nik Barrie of Exanza asked us to create a cottage holiday bookings and price display module to be used on the Woolhanger Estate website. The module allows the site owner to define bookings slots for all or part of a week, then price them on an individual basis by accommodation and date. It also permits… Read more »

Drupal site – mediaBase

mediaBase is a media directory site aimed at advertisers, the successor to Adam Foster of tmi-net asked me to help implement his design and migrate the content from the old site to a new Drupal build. The job involved custom theming, a specialised content migration module, the creation of the Websnapr Field module,  and… Read more »

Drupal site – Advanced Kitchen Design

Marion John of Advanced Kitchen Design provides kitchen design and associated services. She wanted a site which would reflect her depth of knowledge and experience, with lots of different areas packed with information and advice. We advised her that Drupal would be the best solution for her needs. Our design partner came up with a… Read more »

Websnapr Field: a web thumbnail module for Drupal

Websnapr Field is a little module I’ve written which uses the Websnapr service to generate web page thumbnails in a page. If you have a field which is a URL pointing to an external site, you can choose to display it as a snapshot of the page pointed to.

Ceros digital magazine publishing

Ceros is an innovative online magazine publishing platform. When they asked for my help, the site was already in existence but needed several enhancements to improve its manageability, including the creation of new content types, associated views and theming. XML versions of content were required as data sources for various Flash animations. One particular challenge… Read more »