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What is Web Development?

When I meet people for the first time, they often ask what I do. When I say I’m a web developer, they nod knowingly, but actually I’m sure that many of them have no idea what I’m on about, except that they really, really, don’t want me to explain it to them then and there…. Read more »

Development work on

Pixdaus is a very popular nature photo sharing website, with tens of thousands of daily visitors. We were asked to implement a new design when the site was acquired by Environmental Graffiti. This involved reorganising and cleaning up the code as well as replacing HTML and CSS components. “Alfred has an extensive technical knowledge, which… Read more »

Some favourite software tools

When you have nothing to say, make a list, as Wittgenstein might have said – had he been a blogger. This particular list is of some of my favourite tools for website development under Windows (XP Pro): some well known, others less so.

sIFR and WordPress: a Pretty Easy Combination

[ Edit 2 December 2008: anyone considering sIFR should also look at typeface.js. I don’t think there’s a WP plugin for it yet but I could be persuaded to write one for a suitable reward. ] [Edit 11 June 2008: this post is somewhat out of date as I’ve now stopped using sIFR on this… Read more »

Wolf and Water

Wolf and Water Arts Company is a charity which does art work with various groups. The company wanted a new website to help them manage and present their extensive archives of material related to past and present projects. Their old site was hard to update and hence new content tended to be added belatedly or… Read more »

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

The brief for the web site of this popular North Devon tourist attraction was to create an attractive modern site with a clear organisational structure which would be maintainable by L&B staff. Given the large amount of content with varying needs for its presentation and management Drupal was the obvious choice. I created a custom… Read more »

Metro International

I was asked by to help develop the backend administration for Metro International’s new website. This involved radical customisation of the Drupal content management system so Metro staff could easily maintain the content of this beautifully designed site with its many complex page structures. It doesn’t look like a Drupal site, does it? “Working… Read more »


Bitweavers asked me to turn their complex graphical web design for the PhysioDirect site into working HTML and CSS with the requirement that the design should not break when text was enlarged and that it should be compatible with a wide range of browsers. “… a brilliant job.” — Mike Bridges, Bitweavers.

The Great Torrington Cavaliers

The Great Torrington Cavaliers are an energetic local fundraising organization. They had an existing website but they were struggling to cope with the changes required whenever they ran a new event. They also wanted a site which would act as a centre for the exchange of information amongst their membership. I chose to use Drupal… Read more »

Tailor Made South Africa Travel

Helen Palmer of Tailor Made South Africa Travel wanted to get control over her website, which was based on an unsatisfactory custom-made PHP application. She already had a WordPress blog so I suggested using WordPress for the entire site. This would mean she could update her pages whenever she liked, which would be a major… Read more »