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Updating your own site: an introduction to content management systems

“I want to update my website myself” is a commonly-heard plea from site owners who’ve realised that the job of keeping the content of their websites up to date is too important a job to be left to web designers. In this article I’m going to explain why you should consider managing your content yourself… Read more »

Drupal for contact management?

This is simply a wish list of functions I’d like to see in a Drupal contact management module. I may well be turning at least some of these into code if I don’t find someone else has already done it – in either case I’ll write a new post and link back here. Comments are… Read more »

Which Web CMS is best?

It’s a question that often comes up: which web content management system is the best? Or, just as commonly, which is better out of CMS A and CMS B? The answer is always going to be: it depends. Disappointing, eh? But it’s worth looking at the main factors involved in making a decision, all the… Read more »


centrespread is a great site for the discussion of magazines. Site owner Adam Foster asked me to help him by creating a form so visitors can suggest new magazines to be featured. I made a WordPress plugin for him that submits user input to the database. It’s built on top of the widely-used cforms ii… Read more »

Drupal 6.0, looking good

Drupal 6.0 was released a few days ago and I am very much looking forward to working with it. There are some great usability enhancements that’ll make using the CMS backend a lot easier, and there are many improvements to the API that promise to make module and theme development more productive. However, until the… Read more »

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

The brief for the web site of this popular North Devon tourist attraction was to create an attractive modern site with a clear organisational structure which would be maintainable by L&B staff. Given the large amount of content with varying needs for its presentation and management Drupal was the obvious choice. I created a custom… Read more »

Two WordPress blogs, one site

[ Edited 8th June 2008: I’m not doing it this way any more. Read this more recent post for the lowdown. ] It’s a frequently asked question – how do you get multiple blogs from a single installation of WordPress? And the answer is surprisingly simple, if a little technical.

Metro International

I was asked by to help develop the backend administration for Metro International’s new website. This involved radical customisation of the Drupal content management system so Metro staff could easily maintain the content of this beautifully designed site with its many complex page structures. It doesn’t look like a Drupal site, does it? “Working… Read more »

The Great Torrington Cavaliers

The Great Torrington Cavaliers are an energetic local fundraising organization. They had an existing website but they were struggling to cope with the changes required whenever they ran a new event. They also wanted a site which would act as a centre for the exchange of information amongst their membership. I chose to use Drupal… Read more »

Integrating Phorum with Drupal

Phorum and Drupal are two of my favourite open source software packages. Phorum is in my opinion the best of the many PHP-based standalone forum products, while Drupal is my favoured CMS. Drupal is not without its headaches, and one of them is its own built in forum, which is not very flexible. It also… Read more »