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Two WordPress blogs on one site, revisited

I wrote my original post about running two blogs on one site a while back, and it’s been one of the most popular articles here, but I’ve never been entirely satisfied with the approach. Maintaining two separate WordPress blogs, even when they share the same installation files, is not really convenient. So when I revamped… Read more »


centrespread is a great site for the discussion of magazines. Site owner Adam Foster asked me to help him by creating a form so visitors can suggest new magazines to be featured. I made a WordPress plugin for him that submits user input to the database. It’s built on top of the widely-used cforms ii… Read more »

sIFR and WordPress: a Pretty Easy Combination

[ Edit 2 December 2008: anyone considering sIFR should also look at typeface.js. I don’t think there’s a WP plugin for it yet but I could be persuaded to write one for a suitable reward. ] [Edit 11 June 2008: this post is somewhat out of date as I’ve now stopped using sIFR on this… Read more »

WordPress Ate My Redirects!

In my previous post about search engine optimisation of WordPress I described how I was using the Permalink Redirect plugin to ensure all the URLs at this site are correctly slash-terminated. Today however I was using rebuilding my Google site map using GSiteCrawler when I was dismayed to notice that all the “wrong” URLs were… Read more »

Search engine optimisation for WordPress

I’ve just given this entire site a makeover. I got fed up with the hybrid site management I’d knocked together when I first set it up and I decided that migrating it fully to WordPress would be the best approach. At the same time I thought this would be a great opportunity to do some… Read more »

Two WordPress blogs, one site

[ Edited 8th June 2008: I’m not doing it this way any more. Read this more recent post for the lowdown. ] It’s a frequently asked question – how do you get multiple blogs from a single installation of WordPress? And the answer is surprisingly simple, if a little technical.

Experience of WordPress as a CMS

I’ve known for a while that you can use WordPress as a small-scale content management system, but I’ve not had the chance to put it into practice until last week, when I worked on a site for which it was an ideal fit: a client already using WordPress for blogging, a relatively small number of… Read more »

Tailor Made South Africa Travel

Helen Palmer of Tailor Made South Africa Travel wanted to get control over her website, which was based on an unsatisfactory custom-made PHP application. She already had a WordPress blog so I suggested using WordPress for the entire site. This would mean she could update her pages whenever she liked, which would be a major… Read more »

Why WordPress sucks (a bit)

Alan Graham has been having trouble with WordPress: WordPress rant, additional web rants, and an exclusive! Along with a few friends, I run a local networking organization. We have a blog, and it fell unto me to give that blog a facelift. So after doing some Photoshop/Illustrator work to make a new “theme” for the… Read more »