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I’ve been involved for a while in teaching the basics of SEO to local business people here in North Devon. Recently, while revising my course notes I decided that to help my trainees get a better grasp of on-site SEO it would be useful to be able to show them the HTML source of pages, colour-coded in such a way that the important elements for SEO purposes would be more obvious

I looked around for a suitable tool but couldn’t find anything that quite matched what I had in mind, so I very quickly wrote one: Sourcery, an HTML Source Viewer for SEO. It’s not perfect, but it does a reasonable job of highlighting those elements which are most important for SEO purposes.

If you find it useful or have any suggestions for enhancements please comment here.

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  1. Joost de Valk

    Hi Alfred, cool tool! Mind sharing the source? I’ve got some improvements: i’d make it an option to clean out all the script tags, and just show a count somewhere of the total number of scripts, and do so for several tags…

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