WordPress Development

Exploit WordPress speed, economy and flexibility

When you want a professional web site built fast and to a tight budget, WordPress offers you an exceptional amount of choice. With installation often taking under an hour and with hundreds of readymade templates and plugins (software code add-ons), we can set you up a basic site very fast.

To tailor the site to your specific requirements we can customise, develop and extend your WordPress site further:

Incorporate your business identity – we can customise an existing template or develop a new one to reflect your corporate identity, logo, colours and other graphic design elements to make the site look and feel the way you want it.

Add functionality – shopping carts, polls, image galleries, forums all add useful features to your site. Tell us what you want it to do and we’ll suggest the most suitable plugins, then integrate them for you.

Create new features – if there’s no plugin available to do what you want, we can develop one for you. Our experience of original coding and plugin integration includes developing the popular Side Content plugin, downloaded and added to thousands of WordPress sites.

Be found in searches – getting your web site found by users is crucial and we specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) of WordPress sites. We can ensure that your site is optimised to achieve the highest position possible on popular search engines.

To discuss the WordPress options available to you, please call us now on 07783 386951.