Social networking services

Social networking applications for your business


With the explosion in online social networking, extend your use of popular services, such as Facebook and Twitter, and add features to your web site with customised or original add-ons, plugins and applications.

Facebook – use applications to entertain users or market your business with low cost viral campaigns available to a potential audience of 350 million. We can develop applications – mini software programs – based on games, entertainment, news and press releases, e-commerce and many other business functions: the potential is limitless.

Examples of Facebook applications we’ve written include Imaginary Friends, the Daily Goss, the Sustain-a-What?!?! quiz and Progress Thru Processors.

We can customise your existing software to integrate it with Facebook or write a brand new application from scratch. We can also add easy-to-use Drupal-based content management and even host the whole package on our own servers.

Twitter – micro-blogging on Twitter has become a key marketing activity for many businesses and Twitter apps can help integrate this into your existing systems and processes.

Tweetake is an example of a twitter app we developed to back up users’ twitter followers and tweets, just as you would back up any other business data.
If you have a requirement or an idea for a useful twitter app, we can develop it for you.

As new social networking sites and services evolve, our developer services evolve with them. So if you need to adapt your existing software or web site to work with facebook, twitter or other service, or if you have an idea for an application you’d like us to develop for you, call us now on 07783 386951.