North Devon Pathfinder Trust Online Database


Pathfinder DB screenshotNorth Devon Pathfinder Trust is a charity which provides training in IT to the local area. To make it easier to track students and enrolments across their numerous centres they wanted to migrate their course management system – previously a standalone desktop Access application – to the web.

I worked in close collaboration with Mat Lemmings of Rencache Limited, an IT support consultant with a strong understanding of Pathfinder’s business and technical needs, to build a solution based on the open source Achievo ATK framework [Update 2019: this framework is no longer supported and the old website has very inappropriate content]. A rapid development tool for the creation of database-centric applications, ATK proved ideal for their requirements. Pathfinder now have a centrally controlled system which is consistent across all their sites, reducing the risk of confusion and error and making it much easier to manage their data.

I’ve recently worked on extending the software to integrate data from Learndirect including ILR (Individualised Learner Record) files.

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