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Marion John of Advanced Kitchen Design provides kitchen design and associated services. She wanted a site which would reflect her depth of knowledge and experience, with lots of different areas packed with information and advice. We advised her that Drupal would be the best solution for her needs. Our design partner came up with a fantastic look for the site which suits Marion’s outgoing personality.

The site includes Ubercart integration for e-commerce (store in preparation at the time of writing) with original development to permit the seamless integration of affiliate links with regular shop products. Other features include a Twitter feed, Blog, visual searches via a map image, FAQs, image gallery.

“Figure W have responded very promptly to all of my questions and requests … and been very patient with my complete lack of knowledge. Jargon inevitably creeps in but Alfred has taken the time to explain it to me, very clearly, when asked.
… I’m very pleased with the end result.” — Marion John, Advanced Kitchen Design

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  1. Comet

    Nice, seamlessly mixing lots of web 2.0 properties into a page and still keeping it looking simple.

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