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Because everyone likes free stuff…

XScheme CSS Colour Scheme Extractor

XScheme is a useful little toy. What’s it do? Well, if you have a CSS stylesheet for a design you like but you want to change the colours, this free online service will help. It’ll split any stylesheet you give it into two parts: one containing all the layout properties, and the other containing all the colour and background image ones.

Paste your original stylesheet into the text box or enter a URL for it, then press the button. XScheme will tidy up your styles and output two new stylesheets for the layout and colours respectively. Copy and paste the new stylesheets into separate files and you can then edit the colour scheme separately from the layout.

Also, if you want to offer your site users a choice of different colour schemes, perhaps for accessibility purposes, XScheme is the ideal tool to help you create them.

XScheme is based on csstidy. Try it out!

Sourcery SEO source code viewer

Sourcery is another simple little utility, this time to show the source code for a page styled to highlight the most important elements for SEO purposes.