Great Torrington

Great Torrington, where Figure W is based, is a small market town in North Devon noted for the friendliness of its residents, its colourful history, and the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The town’s main website provides much useful information on its history and attractions, as do the entries on Wikipedia and the BBC site.

The town’s principal claim to historical fame is as the site of the last battle of the English Civil War, an event commemorated by the 1646 exhibit.

Torrington is also known for its community spirit, and the charitable work of the Torrington Cavaliers in particular. They help to organize the town’s many regular events, including their famous record-breaking bonfires.

The town is lucky enough to have a shopping centre largely free from invasion by the big chains, most of our shops being small and locally-run. There are nine pubs, including our own favourites The Black Horse and The Torrington Arms.

Also important to the local community is the small but energetic Plough Arts Centre, which brings us films and live entertainment we’d otherwise have to travel miles to see.