Great Torrington Events

There’s usually something going on in Torrington, but the two events it’s best known for are Mayfair, and the Cavaliers’ Bonfires.

Mayfair happens every year on the first Thursday in May. The town comes to a halt as crowds turn up to watch the Maypole dancing and associated celebrations. On the following Saturday evening there’s a Carnival procession in fancy dress which parades along New Street from the Commons, right past Likemind HQ, and continues on to the town square. Throughout Mayfair week there’s also a small funfair with the usual rides and stalls.

The Cavaliers’ Bonfires take place every four or five years. To raise money for charity the Great Torrington Cavaliers build a huge wooden model, which is then burnt to the accompaniment of a firework display. The latest bonfire was in August 2005, when an impressive replica of Nelson’s Victory went up in flames.

Are our schoolchildren being worked too hard? (Mayfair 2006).

A quiet moment at the funfair. (Mayfair 2006).

A fine figure of a man. (Mayfair 2006).

Carnival Queens. (Carnival 2006).

“Nelson’s Victory” a few days before its spectacular burning. (August 2005).

All photographs copyright © Alfred Armstrong 2006.