Custom Drupal Holiday Bookings Module


Calendar view of pricesNik Barrie of Exanza asked us to create a cottage holiday bookings and price display module to be used on the Woolhanger Estate website.

The module allows the site owner to define bookings slots for all or part of a week, then price them on an individual basis by accommodation and date. It also permits bookings to be taken and could be readily integrated with a cart module such as Ubercart. (Currently on the Woolhanger site bookings are entered by an administrator).

If you have a holiday business and are interested in using this module, contact Nik at Exanza.

Figure W are experienced in Drupal module development. Talk to us about your requirement.

Figure W created an ideal solution to the brief for our project and
delivered it on time and on budget. We look forward to the opportunity
to work together on other projects again soon.

— Nik Barrie, Exanza

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