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How do you create a WordPress site in several different languages? We’ve been working on a new site recently which the client wants to appear in both English and French versions, so I needed to find a suitable plugin or plugins to make this possible.

Multi-lingual WordPress

I’d previously heard good things about qTranslate so that was my first choice, but at the time of writing it isn’t compatible with WordPress 3.0, so I looked around for an alternative and found WPML. My first impressions of the plugin was that it is a solid and comprehensive product. One very nice touch is that it is directly integrated with the supplier’s site at, so you can get support for the plugin directly via its pages in the WordPress administration area.

Support covers both help with technical issues and translation. ICanLocalize also market a full set of translation services, all available in an integrated fashion. A single site support package costs just $50 a year, which I think is very reasonable and shows an admirable level of confidence in their product.

I had occasion to call on the support early on, when I discovered that the most recent released version of WPML did not work with the new menu system introduced in WP 3.0. A few hours after posting a support ticket I was sent a courteous and helpful email with a link to a beta version of the software which allows you to translate such menus. I installed it and despite a few minor bugs in the backend I was able to create a working, translated, menu within a short time. Very impressive.

In my experience to date I have found both the plugin and the company behind it of very high quality, so I’ll be recommending it in future to all WordPress clients who need an internationalized site. Top marks to ICanLocalize.

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  1. Maigrir

    Could you share the URL of the client (I can not find any examples in your portfolio). Just to get a feeling.

    Could you also give an example of your work with Drupal

  2. Barra

    I use for translating po files. It has a nice wordpress plugin that makes thing easier. It’s the best way of having a website translated properly, getting it done by crowd translations.

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