Behold the new minimalism

I’ve given this site a makeover with a new CSS stylesheet, as I was bored with the old look. One of my aims in this revision was to minimise the weight of the page by reducing the number and size of images, and the new style definitely wins on that score: only 2 images in… Read more »

Announcing XReach

I’ve previously posted on this journal about the accessibility of forum software and indicated that I was working on an adaptation of Phorum to make it more accessible. Since some other open source packages suffer from the same problems I thought it would be worthwhile creating an umbrella project for similar endeavours, which I’ve called… Read more »

Software tools that even your manager can use?

“digitalghost” writes: Wikipedia, The Semantic Web and That Damned Peter Norvig It appears that anyone that wants to build a ‘Semantic Web’ needs to get past Peter Norvig’s 2006 assertion: What I get a lot is: ‘Why are you against the Semantic Web?’ I am not against the Semantic Web. But from Google’s point of… Read more »

TiddlyWiki: simply brilliant

What a great idea TiddlyWiki is! If you haven’t come across it, it’s a Wiki that lives in a web page. It doesn’t need a server or a database, it simply lives on your own computer as a plain text file. It works by making use of some clever Javascript to make itself editable. Simple, yet much… Read more »

HTML Emails just got harder to write

Simon Willison writes: Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007. They’ve dropped the IE renderer and replaced it with … Microsoft Word! No CSS background images, no floats, no CSS positioning, no forms. Wow. [via Simon Willison’s Weblog] Following hard on the heels of Mark Wyner’s thorough report on the pains of authoring for… Read more »

Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog…

From Techcrunch: Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog. No, They Didn’t. Wait, Yes. Ok so it’s official and confirmed from Yahoo: They bought MyBlogLog. This was first rumored to be happening in November, but was never confirmed and we updated our post to reflect that. This morning the news broke again but was pulled immediately afterwards. Now it’s… Read more »

Using your own domain with Blogger

Garett Rogers writes: Use your own domain with new Blogger feature A brand new feature in the “New Blogger” lets you associate your own domain with an account without worrying about FTP settings or being stuck with a “” address.  My first blog about Google was Google Addiction hosted on Blogger — but it would… Read more »

New Year – new website?

Without suggesting we should be ruled by the calendar, the New Year presents a welcome opportunity to look at our lives and businesses and ponder whether it’s time for a change. We’re all aware that visitors to our websites like to see something new. Our sites would get visited more often if they were updated… Read more »

Writing an accessible forum – final score

I posted previously (27 November 2006 and 12 December 2006) about my efforts to find an open source message board product that was suitable for creating an accessible forum. I’ve finally reached some conclusions, which I’ll summarise here. The products I checked out are as follows: phpBB PunBB MiniBB bbPress Vanilla Phorum Evaluation criteria I… Read more »

XScheme CSS Colour Scheme Extractor

I wanted a tool for my own purposes that would separate the colour properties in a CSS stylesheet from everything else (layout and text). Having found that csstidy incorporated a parser which could readily be reused for what I want, it did not take very long to create a simple implementation, which I’ve called XScheme… Read more »