Digg search not very deep

I had occasion recently to search on Digg, and was surprised to see that one of the words on the search string that was matched was the definite article, “the”. Try it. Even for the word “the” on its own, you’ll get matches. It even matches with other useful words like “these”. This is surprisingly… Read more »

Old meets new media

From techdirt: Stuffy Economist Magazine Experiments With Social Media One of the mistakes many companies make when trying to embrace social networking or social media is to think that they should just build their own version of MySpace, or clone of some other popular site. For various reasons, these attempts almost always end up as… Read more »

Why WordPress sucks (a bit)

Alan Graham has been having trouble with WordPress: WordPress rant, additional web rants, and an exclusive! Along with a few friends, I run a local networking organization. We have a blog, and it fell unto me to give that blog a facelift. So after doing some Photoshop/Illustrator work to make a new “theme” for the… Read more »


First this appears on Rich Quick’s blog:- Is Internet Explorer 7 a protection racket? There’s an interesting post over at iVirtua about Internet Explorer’s new “green websites” functionality, which the sneakily released a few weeks ago. Basically, websites will now be able to pay Microsoft so that people who visit the site are are told… Read more »

Search engine optimization: free keyword suggestion tool

Wordtracker launches free keyword suggestion tool Wordtracker has launched a free keyword suggestion tool. The tool gives webmasters up to 100 keywords in each session. [via Search Engine Watch Blog] This is very handy for anyone wanting practicing search engine optimization without being paid to do so, given that most of the alternative tools require… Read more »

Vanity, vanity

To qualify as one of the 2,000 bloggers, there must be a picture of me on this blog, so here it is. Edit 1 Feb 2007: I made it. Also present, my estimable new online pal Franciov. As a mark of respect to the online community, I’ve now shrunk the pic in this post. Enough… Read more »

How to write the perfect blog

At last! No need to agonize any more over what to put in your blog! Instead use this simple formula to generate fabulous attention-getting content: Qbw = (5Nqob + 2Nol + 7Nofbo)2 / Qbjli where Qbw is the Bloq Wondrousness Quotient, as calculated from Nqob (the number of Quotes from Other Bloggers), Nol (the number… Read more »

Just what market are you in?

Step One To Embracing A Lack Of Scarcity: Recognize What Market You’re Really In This is my latest post in the ongoing series of posts about economics when scarcity is removed from certain items. Two weeks ago, in my post about the 17th century button makers and how they were quite like the RIAA in… Read more »

Joe Dolson on Website Accessibility

5 Basic Steps Towards Website Accessibility The transformation of a website from a snake-infested inaccessible maze into a beautiful, airy reading room can include a huge variety of design changes from the barely noticeable to the fundamentally transforming. Making that first step into the maze requires you to balance a number of different issues: How… Read more »

Google’s One Box Search

Google’s One Box Patent Explained Danny Sullivan detailed the One Box for specific vertical results by Google maybe three years ago. Bill Slawski does a great job of outlining Google’s recent patent application on the One Box. This technology should be kept in the back of your mind as changes seem to be moving in… Read more »