Will bigger and better measurement make a friendlier web?

New services for measuring the performance of websites seem to appear every week. One reason is the much better support for Javascript in modern browsers, which makes it possible to measure user activity non-intrusively yet comprehensively, simply by adding a little script code to each page. What about measuring usability, though? Is usability as a… Read more »

Strategy before tactics: yes, but what is our strategy?

Strategy Before Tactics If you have no defined strategy then what ever tactics you employ probably won’t meet your goals. How many of us in the information security business bought a product, tool, policy or process from a company because we needed to meet a legal requirement, a passing interest in a neat new toy,… Read more »

Experience of WordPress as a CMS

I’ve known for a while that you can use WordPress as a small-scale content management system, but I’ve not had the chance to put it into practice until last week, when I worked on a site for which it was an ideal fit: a client already using WordPress for blogging, a relatively small number of… Read more »

Cavalier fashion

I just completed work on a new site for the Great Torrington Cavaliers. The most fun for me was in making that banner. I had a load of pictures to choose from and it was a matter of picking out the strongest images and mashing them together. A couple of early tries had to be… Read more »

Split testing – it’s the latest craze amongst the kids

Google Website Optimizer – a Win-Win By: Andrew Goodman | Source: webpronews.com Like a few others, I’ve been beta testing Google Website Optimizer. It’s great. Here’s why it’s a win for Google. They’ll make more revenue because marketers who test will get impatient and need more data. They’ll enable their paid search accounts fully, possibly… Read more »

Content labels, son of PICS

Segala Wants To Be The VeriSign Of Web Trust Written by David Lenehan and edited by Richard MacManus Segala is a specialist in web accessibility, mobile testing, mobile web testing and certification. Based in Dublin and privately owned, Segala provides a range of services to help you better understand what problems your website and mobile… Read more »

Yesterday I saw red, but now I’m blue

Colour Matching I’ve never satisfactorily solved the colour matching problem while working on the print jobs I do every few months or so. A few years back I wrote up some colour tips I’ve learned, but it doesn’t exactly mean I’ve gotten any better at it in the mean time. Browsing through the local specialty… Read more »

SEO, the love that dare not speak its name

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has a bad name in some circles. Reputedly, any article with a slant favorable to SEO submitted to Digg is immediately squashed by the “Bury Brigade“. SEO, of itself is not a bad thing. There, I’ve said it. If you create a web site, you want visitors, and you want them… Read more »

LinkedInABox – that’s handy

I’ve just added a LinkedInABox widget to this blog and it prompts a thought about personal profiles. I don’t know how many you have, but I have several that I can think of off the top of my head: On this very site On LinkedIn, of course Ecademy My wacky Livejournal My odd books site… Read more »

Integrating Phorum with Drupal

Phorum and Drupal are two of my favourite open source software packages. Phorum is in my opinion the best of the many PHP-based standalone forum products, while Drupal is my favoured CMS. Drupal is not without its headaches, and one of them is its own built in forum, which is not very flexible. It also… Read more »