Made to Measure Drupal Modules: Put Some Elastic in the Waistband

Something I find myself doing on practically every site I work on is the creation of an ad-hoc module to contain site customisations that go beyond what can be done with themes. Such modules are often needed to put the finishing touches to a site design, but they present certain challenges to the conscientious developer.

Google Webmaster Tools: Tips for Site Optimisation

Google Webmaster Tools is the primary source of information about how Google is indexing your site. It’s also very useful for finding problems with your site that might otherwise go unnoticed. Here’s a list of tips covering how to use Webmaster Tools to keep your optimisation efforts on track. I hope they’ll be useful.

sIFR and WordPress: a Pretty Easy Combination

[ Edit 2 December 2008: anyone considering sIFR should also look at typeface.js. I don’t think there’s a WP plugin for it yet but I could be persuaded to write one for a suitable reward. ] [Edit 11 June 2008: this post is somewhat out of date as I’ve now stopped using sIFR on this… Read more »

WordPress Ate My Redirects!

In my previous post about search engine optimisation of WordPress I described how I was using the Permalink Redirect plugin to ensure all the URLs at this site are correctly slash-terminated. Today however I was using rebuilding my Google site map using GSiteCrawler when I was dismayed to notice that all the “wrong” URLs were… Read more »

Search engine optimisation for WordPress

I’ve just given this entire site a makeover. I got fed up with the hybrid site management I’d knocked together when I first set it up and I decided that migrating it fully to WordPress would be the best approach. At the same time I thought this would be a great opportunity to do some… Read more »

Facebook and the Imaginary Friends

Everybody’s talking about Facebook, it seems. One of the most interesting aspects of it for me as a developer is the existence of its API, which makes it possible to create new networking applications, or to integrate existing applications with the Facebook platform.

Two WordPress blogs, one site

[ Edited 8th June 2008: I’m not doing it this way any more. Read this more recent post for the lowdown. ] It’s a frequently asked question – how do you get multiple blogs from a single installation of WordPress? And the answer is surprisingly simple, if a little technical.

Joe Dolson on Accessibility and Typography

Improving Accessibility through Typography  Among the many decisions you need to make when designing accessible web sites, typography seems to frequently be only shallowly addressed. Typography is rarely completely ignored — but it is greatly simplified, to a point that the issues raised don’t always complete the picture of accessible text. Accessible typography is commonly… Read more »

You Colour my World Wide Web: ChromaTabs, a handy Firefox Addon

.Anyone who like me works on more than one version of the same site at the same time (at the risk of changing the wrong one accidentally, which has happened to me in the past) may appreciate ChromaTabs It assigns colours to tabs for different sites automatically. The colour is assigned either based either on… Read more »

Web Design without Shackles – a Manifesto

It’s sadly common to hear website owners complain that their web designers take too long to make changes, charge too much money for small updates, and generally don’t give good value. Too many designers attempt to hold their clients hostage by one means or another, such as making it technically difficult for owners to manage… Read more »