Use Split Testing to Improve a WordPress Theme

What’s the best colour for your headlines? If you make your contact form bigger will more people use it? Should a call to action be left- or right-aligned? If you are trying to make decisions like these about the design of your site, it can be hard to come to definite conclusions. Two designs may… Read more »

Custom tag pages for WordPress

What’s a “custom tag page”? Generally when you click on a tag link in a cloud such as that in the sidebar of this site or at the bottom of an article, you’ll be taken to a page that lists all the articles having that tag. From an SEO perspective this is less than ideal,… Read more »

A portfolio gallery using WordPress and JQuery

We wanted our portfolio to be slick and individual so when we commissioned our new site design I asked the designer to create something specifically for it. She came up with something that looked great – all I had to do was to make it work. My tool of choice was JQuery, a powerful Javascript… Read more »

Redesign of our site

As you may notice, this site has just gone live with a new design. We will very much appreciate your thoughts and comments. The design, by Amanda Vlahakis at Truly Ace, has been built as a custom WordPress theme based on Carrington JAM, which proved to be an ideal base for clean-sheet theme development.

Zebra-striping in PHP

Often when working in a PHP-based CMS you find that you want to zebra-stripe a list or table of items but the CMS’s template system makes that hard to achieve. Typically you might be styling the items individually without any way of knowing their relative positions in the containing list or table. One solution is… Read more »

Creating clickable maps with Drupal

I’ve recently worked on a couple of requirements for clickable maps which I think would be of potential interest. As visual aids, maps can be very attractive but they present some technical challenges to the developer.

Websnapr Field: a web thumbnail module for Drupal

Websnapr Field is a little module I’ve written which uses the Websnapr service to generate web page thumbnails in a page. If you have a field which is a URL pointing to an external site, you can choose to display it as a snapshot of the page pointed to.

Web designers: 10 tips to make developers love you

As a web developer, I frequently have reason to curse web graphic designers. That’s not because I don’t appreciate their talents. I love working on great looking designs and I have a lot of respect for those who can create them. But designers don’t always understand the limitations of technology, and how their decisions can… Read more »

Release 0.7 of the Side Content plugin

Release 0.7 of the WordPress Side Content plugin from Figure W is all about shortcodes. Plugins often provide shortcodes as a safe and simple means for you to insert dynamic content into your posts.