Daisies and Devon

I’ve added a new site style, called Daisy, Daisy [link removed], with a pleasant floral theme in keeping with its name. For those who care about the technical side of things, it uses absolute and fixed positioning to produce a simple 3-column layout. Just for a change, the layout is slightly different between the home… Read more »

Search engines for PHP sites

Having spent most of a day investigating different tools for site search I thought I’d post my experiences here for the benefit of others. My objective was to find a tool which is free, or at least inexpensive, and which could be readily integrated with the rest of the site, with output suitable for styling… Read more »

Why getting your message across fast is the key to attracting users

Do you know what makes a successful web site? More than anything else, it’s clear communication. You have only seconds to grab the attention of users. As one noted web expert says in a recent report: “Users allocate minimal time to initial website visits, so you must quickly convince them that the site’s worthwhile.” —…

When website good looks don’t equal good value

Judging a site by its looks alone means you overlook other very important factors. If you don’t understand what these are, you may fail to get full value from your investment in the web. In this article, I’ll explain three simple rules that’ll help you avoid this trap. 1. Stand out A good-looking web site… Read more »

Why you need an accessible website

Do you want people with disabilities to use your website? Let me put that another way: do you want people to spend their money with your business, regardless of their specific physical or mental abilities? Of course you do. In other words, there is no good reason for a commercial website to be inaccessible to… Read more »

Why a blog?

“What is a blog?”, a friend asked me the other day, reminding me that not everyone in the world is busy recording their everyday lives online. This man has a Skype phone and is generally comfortable with the net, so I was slightly surprised by his question. Blogging has been around for more than a… Read more »

Off on holiday

It is perhaps ironic that the first post in this journal should announce my absence. I’ll be back on the 4th August 2006.