Bulletin board accessibility – still looking

In my last post I identified Vanilla as a strong candidate for the basis for an accessible forum. Sadly after several days fruitless work I’ve had to finally reject it for three reasons: It’s rather immature. The core lacks features. To get features common to most forums such as email notifications you have to load… Read more »

Building an accessible forum

Many websites have a forum (also known as a “bulletin board”, “discussion board” or “message board”). Forums are one of the most popular and commonly-used types of social networking system. How does one set about making a forum that’s accessible? You’ll find some of the answer in this article. Recently I’ve been considering how organizations… Read more »

IE conditional comments – the problem is the solution

Anyone who develops CSS knows the pain caused by Internet Explorer’s non-standard implementation of CSS, which is made worse by the fact that each version of IE is non-standard in a slightly different way. CSS developers have discovered all sorts of ingenious ways to cause IE to do what they want, including the moderately ugly… Read more »

New look

I’ve just given the main site a nice clean new look. As with all the other site styles it serves as a demonstration of the power of CSS in permitting the designer to alter the appearance of a site in quite a radical fashion, with minimal or no change to its HTML content.

Why are there so many Content Management Systems?

Anyone who has ever investigated Content Management Systems (CMSs) will know what a huge number there are on the market. The very useful CMS Matrix lists over 600 and there are certainly others not listed there. (For anyone unsure what a CMS is, in simple terms it’s a tool for managing the content of a… Read more »

Free Booklet about the Web

I am delighted to announce the availability of our free booklet about the web. Aimed at businesspeople who are considering getting or upgrading a website, it provides key information in plain, non-technical language. Topics that are covered include: hosting email domain names keeping your site up to date security and much more… Useful and informative,… Read more »

The intranet opportunity

Many organizations fail to recognize the potential value of establishing an intranet. Although it isn’t a magic bullet a well-managed intranet can save significant amounts of staff time, by making it easier for users to find the information and tools they need. What is an intranet? It is an internal web site, for the use… Read more »

The 3-minute consultancy

Here’s a piece of free consultancy I came up with years ago before the advent of the web, and which still generally holds good. Without knowing anything about it I’m willing to bet your organization has problems in one or more of the following areas: Security Integration Change management Let’s look at each in turn…. Read more »

The real secret of search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a hotly debated topic amongst web professionals. Its purpose is to gain the highest possible ranking for your website in search results, so it is more easily found and hence attracts more visits – and, hopefully, custom. Of all the techniques advocated by search optimisation experts, there is only one… Read more »


I’ve added a stylesheet specifically for people who have eyesight problems. Try it here. Although most browsers will let you increase text size, it’s hard to design layouts that cope well with very large text. This style is very simple, perhaps overly so, but it should be readable by everyone except for a few with… Read more »