Side Content plugin updated

A few days ago a client of ours pointed out that our Side Content WordPress plugin was incompatible with recent releases of WordPress. The bug in question has been fixed and the new version 1.0 should work with all versions of WordPress from 2.7 to 4.1.

Drupal developer, can be hired

Figure W is taking on projects again, so this post is just to remind you that with 6 years solid Drupal experience and many more in IT generally, Alfred Armstrong provides development services of a high quality including: Drupal module development. Your requirement might be in e-commerce, media presentation, integration of proprietary data or some… Read more »

Things to do with Drupal Views #1: a Random Stories block

The Drupal Views module is a terrific tool, if somewhat challenging to get to grips with. In this series of posts I’ll be providing instructions with accompanying video footage, showing how to accomplish some useful tasks with this module. In this first post, I show how to make a block with a list of 5… Read more »

Making an Intranet File Browser for Drupal or WordPress

I’ve recently worked on two projects that both asked for some code that would allow users to attach an intranet file (typically something like a Word document) to a post. There’s a few things that anyone trying to do the same will need to understand.

Drupal as a Wiki

I recently had occasion to try out setting up Drupal as a Wiki. On the whole, I found it a positive experience with some minor niggles.

Creating a multilingual website using WordPress and WPML

How do you create a WordPress site in several different languages? We’ve been working on a new site recently which the client wants to appear in both English and French versions, so I needed to find a suitable plugin or plugins to make this possible.

Backing up Tweets – now even easier and safer

We’ve updated the Twitter backup service, created in partnership with Nikki Pilkington, to use Twitter’s safe sign-in protocol.  Tweetake users no longer have to enter their usernames and passwords, and as a consequence the service is both easier to use and more secure.

Moving your website to a new domain

Since we’ve just moved this site from one domain to another, I thought I’d write a quick few words about how we did it.

Bye, bye, Likemind …

We’ve changed our name! Likemind has become Figure W. Note the new logo and website URL. Along with the name change, you may notice some differences in the way we market ourselves, but we’ll still be providing the same high level of service and client satisfaction as in the past. If you have any comments… Read more »

Oh no! Our contact form is broken!

(It’s fixed now, I’m pleased to say) Having noticed we weren’t getting many enquiries through our contact form, I did a quick test this morning and to my dismay saw an error message on the CAPTCHA field, even though I’d typed it correctly. What could be going wrong?