Custom Drupal Holiday Bookings Module

Calendar view of pricesNik Barrie of Exanza asked us to create a cottage holiday bookings and price display module to be used on the Woolhanger Estate website.

The module allows the site owner to define bookings slots for all or part of a week, then price them on an individual basis by accommodation and date. It also permits bookings to be taken and could be readily integrated with a cart module such as Ubercart. (Currently on the Woolhanger site bookings are entered by an administrator).

If you have a holiday business and are interested in using this module, contact Nik at Exanza.

Figure W are experienced in Drupal module development. Talk to us about your requirement.

Figure W created an ideal solution to the brief for our project and
delivered it on time and on budget. We look forward to the opportunity
to work together on other projects again soon.

— Nik Barrie, Exanza

Development work on

pixdaus.comPixdaus is a very popular nature photo sharing website, with tens of thousands of daily visitors. We were asked to implement a new design when the site was acquired by Environmental Graffiti. This involved reorganising and cleaning up the code as well as replacing HTML and CSS components.

“Alfred has an extensive technical knowledge, which proved to be invaluable when implementing our re-design. He is professional, reliable and performed everything to spec. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services (and have done) to anyone who asks.”
— Chris Ingham Brooke, Environmental Graffiti.

Facebook Application – Progress thru Processors

Progress thru ProcessorsProgress thru Processors is a Facebook application developed for Grid Republic, a non-profit organisation which helps people to donate spare computing capacity to a range of good causes.

We built the application and advised on aspects of its design.

Alfred made dizzyingly complicated work seem easy.

Developing the Facebook application “Progress thru Processors” was a very complicated job, involving not just facebook but coordination of several remote systems.  Several developers had tried and failed miserably before we were lucky enough to find Alfred.

I look forward to our future work together and very highly recommend him.

— Matthew Blumberg, GridRepublic

Tweetake Twitter backup

tweetake Tweetake is a Twitter backup application that we developed in partnership with Nikki Pilkington.

It allows users to make an offline copy of their recent Twitter data. It’s easy to use and completely free.

The software was developed as a custom WordPress plugin which provides the added benefit that the rest of the site is easy to maintain.

I went to Alfred with an idea and he turned it into reality from the barest of briefs. Since then he has been diligent with support and upgrades, and enabled me to gain plenty of publicity from  the application he created. Absolutely recommended without a doubt.

— Nikki Pilkington, internet marketer,

Drupal site – mediaBase

mediaBase is a media directory site aimed at advertisers, the successor to Adam Foster of tmi-net asked me to help implement his design and migrate the content from the old site to a new Drupal build.

The job involved custom theming, a specialised content migration module, the creation of the Websnapr Field module,  and forms customisation as well as configuration of the CCK, Views and Panels modules.

The result is a very clean, attractive, and easy to use site that I’m sure will be popular with its target audience.

Drupal site – Advanced Kitchen Design

Marion John of Advanced Kitchen Design provides kitchen design and associated services. She wanted a site which would reflect her depth of knowledge and experience, with lots of different areas packed with information and advice. We advised her that Drupal would be the best solution for her needs. Our design partner came up with a fantastic look for the site which suits Marion’s outgoing personality.

The site includes Ubercart integration for e-commerce (store in preparation at the time of writing) with original development to permit the seamless integration of affiliate links with regular shop products. Other features include a Twitter feed, Blog, visual searches via a map image, FAQs, image gallery.

“Figure W have responded very promptly to all of my questions and requests … and been very patient with my complete lack of knowledge. Jargon inevitably creeps in but Alfred has taken the time to explain it to me, very clearly, when asked.
… I’m very pleased with the end result.” — Marion John, Advanced Kitchen Design

WordPress Site – Cake Business Matching

Cake Business Matching is an established business matching consultancy with expertise in partnering with a range of marketing disciplines including PR, web design, online marketing, advertising, design and market research.

We created a WordPress theme from original artwork, installed several plugins, and customised the site to meet their needs. We also provided ongoing support and training in the use of the CMS.

“Figure W created a slick and stylish modern website for us professionally, seamlessly and on time. They have also been particularly patient and responsive to our demands for back office direction following the site’s launch. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for such a service.” — Sally Danbury, Cake Business Matching.

Ceros digital magazine publishing

Ceros SiteCeros is an innovative online magazine publishing platform. When they asked for my help, the site was already in existence but needed several enhancements to improve its manageability, including the creation of new content types, associated views and theming. XML versions of content were required as data sources for various Flash animations.

One particular challenge was the requirement for some data associated with a type to have a more complex structure than the CCK module normally provides, which I solved by writing a new module which represents both the data and its definition as XML.

“A great developer, not only very knowledgeable about Drupal but a valuable contributor to any project he’s involved in. Highly recommended.”
— Simon Berg, Fresh Media Group

Environmental Graffiti

Environmental Graffiti is a high traffic blog covering serious environmental issues in a light-hearted way.

I was asked to implement a new WordPress theme and integrate a number of plugins, to give the site a great new look with more advertising space. The job also involved migrating the site to new hosting and solving a problem with character encoding in the database.

“Alfred has an extensive technical knowledge, which proved to be invaluable when implementing our re-design. He is professional, reliable and performed everything to spec. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services (and have done) to anyone who asks.”
— Chris Ingham Brooke, Environmental Graffiti.

Entertainment Film Distributors

Entertainment Film DistributorsA Drupal development project involving lots of media integration: flash, images and movies.

My role involved building the custom theme from artwork and HTML supplied by other team members; writing a couple of modules to integrate media files and another to provide a simple competition facility. I also heavily customised the advanced search facility to suit EFD’s particular needs. As a team member I also took on a consultancy role where necessary, advising others on the best approach to solve various technical problems.

“Alfred did a great job, bringing quality and expertise to the project.”
— Gilles Boisselet,

Carried out for unit9 and their client Entertainment Film Distributors.